7 Easy Ways to Boost Quality Website Traffic Volume on Your Website and Increase Sales

Boosting quality website traffic volume on your website and increase sales is not as simple as it used to be because of the competition and more importantly because search engines like Google and Bing are smarter than ever. However, there are only three things that you need to focus on; social media, website design and website contents. Let’s see how these things can make a difference in bringing quality website traffic on your website.

Increase website visitors for business success

Increase website visitors for business success


How Social Media Can Boost Quality Website Traffic Volume?

Business and companies all over the globe target their audience and customers via Twitter, Facebook and tons of other social networks. However Facebook is the most visited and most influential social network for businesses that are looking for lead generation and quality website traffic on their websites. Let’s see what Facebook can do for you.

Visual contents

Facebook is all about visual contents and the timeline feature also favors visual contents. Of course articles and text based contents provide value to your readers and visitors but not all people are attracted to non-visual contents. Make sure you use attractive pictures and videos to promote your contents, products or services. Infographics tend be have highest value because people find them attractive and more importantly they share infographics with their friends.

Include links

There is no point of sharing your contents on Facebook if you are not including links to your website. This also gives you opportunity to drive relevant web traffic to a specific landing page. This kind of targeting help you increase your conversion rate and reduce the overall bounce rate.

Keep your eyes open

Facebook and many other social networks allow online marketers and webmasters to target their audience based on their geographical location, gender, age group and even behavioral pattern. If you come across some contents like a meme that is getting popularity on the internet, create your own version of that meme relevant to your industry and share it with your viewers.

Share videos

Like images, you also need to focus on videos. Instead of posting relevant videos to Facebook directly you can upload them on YouTube or Vimeo and share those on Facebook. This seems like an extra step but it’ll help you boost quality website traffic volume on your website.
Analyze the traffic
Facebook has some powerful analyzing tools that allow you to keep a keen eye on your website traffic and other metrics. You can see which contents are getting popular among your users and which contents have failed to get people’s attention. This information can help you plan your marketing strategies in a better way.

Different types of contents that can get you website traffic

Now search engines are smarter than ever and keyword stuffing is not an option anymore. However your loyal readers can make a huge difference and help you get your hands on quality website traffic. Let’s see different types of contents which can get you website traffic.
How-to and tutorial contents
This type of articles and contents are probably the most attractive ones because they communicate in friendly tone and readers get the idea that their problem is going to be solved after reading the post. It also means you need to create value in your contents. When someone searches and ends up on your webpage with a query like, “How to install Windows 10 on laptop?” your contents must answer that question thoroughly and clearly.

Traffic through Lists

Contents in a list form can be diversified; they may be simple reviews of different products and services or they may compare different things. In either case, this specific type of contents help your readers find the contents they are looking for. For example, “8 Exercises that can help you lose your weight”; this clearly shows that readers are going to find not one but 8 different exercises to lose weight. As it is not a tutorial, you cannot use “how to lose weight?” more effectively in this scenario.

Traffic through Reviews

Unlike lists, reviews could cover a single product or service talking about its features, pros and cons. Or it could be a comparison between two similar products or services. The first type helps readers understand that specific product and answers their questions regarding its features or benefits while the second type help readers decide which one if more suitable for them. For example, “Adaptive design Vs. Responsive designs”.

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