8 Hacks Online Marketers Use To Increase Website Traffic Without Getting Penalized

8 ways to get more website traffic


When it comes to increasing targeted website traffic, there are tons of hacks you can do to achieve that. You can resolve different issues in revenue, retention, activation, referral and acquisition. You can also reduce your cost of paid advertisement by using some tactics smartly. Of course if you are small business you cannot possibly compete with bigger competitors with massive budgets and teams of marketers.

There are few things you can do for your website with a small investment of time. This practice can lead to more targeted website traffic, more visitors and ultimately more sales. However it does not only require you to work harder but also smarter; let’s see what you should do to increase targeted website traffic.


Adapt a minimal homepage

Adapting a minimal homepage could be extremely difficult for you and it might also conflict with your very goal of creating an online presence but you’ll be surprised to know what a minimal homepage could do. If you are still not sure about the strategy, visit any popular website or service like Dropbox or Netflix. See how they have made their homepage efficient and clean. Minimal interfaces and designs increase the sign-up rates dramatically. According to a test conducted in The HOTH, an efficiently designed homepage can yield 10 times more sign-ups as compared to a normal homepage.


Conduct surveys regularly

Increasing targeted website traffic is an ongoing battle and one of the most powerful weapons you can use it conducting regular surveys so you know about your visitors even better. There are tons of survey tools available on the internet; for example Qualaroo that is one of the most popular survey tools you can find online. However, make sure you include all the necessary answers to every question so visitors actually take that survey rather than ignoring it because of poorly curated contents.

Surveys not only help you get feedback from your visitors but they also show users that you care about them and you are willing to make necessary changes in order to provide them a better experience. Make sure you add interesting questions in the survey rather than using a robotic, generic theme or template.


Remove distracting links

Of course links are important for SEO and you shouldn’t remove them at all for sake of your ranking but there are many examples where websites removed distracting navigational links from their landing page and ended up with significantly more traffic. Removing confusing navigational links from the landing page not only increase targeted website traffic but it also increase the conversion rate. The problem occurs when you couldn’t decide which links you should remove without hurting your SEO strategies.

There is a smart solution of this problem and currently popular website Groupon is using it too. They have designed two variants of their homepage. If you visit their website directly (by putting the URL yourself) then it shows you landing page with no footer and no navigation links. But things change if you navigate to their website from Google or someplace else. It shows footer because of its importance for SEO. It is a very efficient and effective solution that you should apply too.


Do thorough testing

Testing landing pages could be a messy process because you might not have enough web traffic to conclude sometime value from that testing. However, practically using paid ads could resolve this issue as many ads platform use per-click model that is significantly cost efficient testing method. If you want to test your landing page on different demographics, different regions, different age groups and even different genders then using social media could be the key.

Social media platforms like Facebook allow administrators to target certain audience based on different factors like age groups. You can try different ads to see which demographic has high conversion rate. Ultimately, in order to increase targeted web traffic that data could be extremely useful.


Facebook Marketing

Regardless of what your website offers or sells, Facebook marketing can make a huge difference if done the right way. Installing and configuring Facebook tracking on your website is an easy process and it does help administrators market to their visitors and even remarket to a smaller group of audience. Additionally, you can use other social networks like Twitter to market to your visitors. However, Twitter remarketing is quite different than Facebook in terms of minimum audience.

On Facebook, you can do marketing to even 100 visitors but Twitter has a five times bigger number than it. Marketing to 500 people shouldn’t be a problem if you have that many visitors but otherwise Facebook marketing is the ultimate solution.


Offer free contents for users’ information

This is one of the most common, widely used and popular techniques to increase targeted website traffic. There are tons of platforms like HubSpot Marketing Grader which are using the same method to engage with users and get their information in exchange of free contents or even services. You can set similar system on your website but if you cannot afford it then there are other solutions too.

For example you can offer free e-books and even video tutorials to show your expertise. Many websites offer freemium relevant to their industry. In exchange you can get users’ name and email addresses.


Create unique contents

That’s no brainer; creating unique contents is the least you could do to increase targeted website traffic. However, creating contents is not enough and you have to create unique contents based on the keywords. SEMRush is a popular tool that can help you in this regard. For example, if you have a pizza shop then you can create a lot of contents related to this niche.

Obviously, you have to make sure the contents are unique, interesting, authentic and more important adds value to the community. There are tons of other websites that offer valuable contents and get thousands of hits because of these.


Build multiple landing pages

Building multiple landing pages is a common practice that marketers all over the globe use to increase targeted website traffic. These are the entry points to the main website and according to some industry experts, building 10-15 landing pages can make a huge difference in traffic and more importantly in the conversion rate. However there are few things that you must know before applying this strategy.

Make sure each individual landing page is 99% unique; it means do not duplicate contents, do not use same offers, deals and discounts, and do not use the same template everywhere. Also it is better to direct the paid traffic to your landing pages rather than to your homepage. Redirecting your paid traffic to landing pages results in higher conversion rate.

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