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Welcome to we are an online marketing company that has been delivering visitors to webmasters all over the world since 2005. With over a decade of experience in advertising and thousands of customers served we are the best company for buying targeted traffic. We simply bring the visitors you need efficiently to your website through our extensive advertising network. Here at Aetraffic we believe an ethical treatment of our customers and your advertising campaign you purchase. We NEVER use robot or automated hits and always bring the visitors from where you choose to target. Please let us help you with your advertising needs and join the thousands of satisfied customers. Remember we are here to help you.


What makes you different from the rest?

We are glad to tell why our advertising has brought 90% of our customers a greater ROI (Return on Investment) than our competitors and other advertising methods. First our advertising network is one of the largest and this allows us to bring the best targeted traffic to your website. Second we take our targeting one step further by checking every website and developing keywords to target so you do not get any wasted visits and this will offer you highest conversion rate for your website.


-24 hour Unique Visitors

Our website traffic is unique per 24 hours, which means that we don’t count the same visitor more than once within a one day period.


-Real-Time Stats

You will be provided with real-time stats so that you can keep track of your campaign’s progress and website traffic delivery.


-Full Size Page Views

Our pop-unders automatically maximize to the visitors full screen resolution for optimal viewing and better results.


-30 Day Guarantee

We guarantee that the amount of website traffic that you order will be delivered within 30 days or we will issue you a pro-rated refund.


-Ability to Pause

If for some reason you want to pause your campiagn you can.


-Ability to Switch URL

Have two URLs to promote? Switch between URLs with ease in the middle of your campaign.


-Ability to Change Category

If you order Targeted website traffic, then you can switch your target category mid-campaign without having to order a whole new campaign.


-No Hidden Fees

Purchasing from Aetraffic is hassle free. One-time fee with no recurring billing.