Amp Up Your Website Value with Mobilegeddon 2015

Is Your Site Mobile Ready for this Mobile-Friendly Algorithm?

Google is known for making changes on its algorithm time and time again. Site owners are always on the lookout for Google’s constant updates in the hopes that it will benefit their site ranking. The search engine authority’s recent update will lift smartphone use another notch higher. It boosted up websites which can adapt to smaller screens.

It seemed like a logical move after smartphones catapulted its sales in the past years. With the spread of mobile gadgets that can perform tasks and activities traditionally limited in computers, businesses have made changes to their sites too. However, as Google added to the urgency of mobile-friendly sites with Mobilegeddon, more and more site owners are scrambling to get their websites as mobile-friendly as possible.

But what does mobile-friendly even mean?

It is wise to take the definition of Google about what makes up a mobile-friendly website:

  • Utilizes readable text. Readable texts are those which do not require zooming when viewed on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Contains links which are strategically placed so that users can tap on their desired link without touching another.
  • Does not make use of apps or software which are not adaptable to mobile devices such as
  • Can adaptably load to smaller screens so that users do not need to scroll horizontally or zoom in and out when reading.

The last definition is the one with the most importance as far as Mobilegeddon is concerned. Majority of websites before would just squeeze in the allotted screen of tablets or smartphones without properly adjusting its size. This results to users having to scroll horizontally or zoom in and out when navigating the website. This is the kind of inconvenience that Mobilegeddon wants to get rid of.

The reason behind Google’s Most Recent Update

Google is adamant when it comes to providing the best search results to its users. It is apparent that now, Google filters these results by making sure they provide websites which can fit to any screen size.

Studies reveal that 48% of internet users utilize Google to search for websites

Studies reveal that 48% of internet users utilize Google to search for websites. The range of searches cover all the topics and niches one could think of.

There are many ways to get website traffic. One can buy website visitors from reliable sources, invest on social media marketing, or check how many backlinks are related to their domain and work from there.

However, most business and website owners rely heavily on Google to bring organic traffic to their site. Two-thirds of the search market from the USA alone is controlled by Google. It’s no secret why site owners strain to make their sites jive with Google’s system. But how high are the stakes exactly?

According to Greenlight, a digital marketing agency, here are the stakes involved:

  • The top page generated by Google search results attract 20-30% of clicks from users.
  • Numbers two and three of the search results only attract 5-10% of clicks.
  • The pages below the top three of Google search results only get less than 1% clicks from users.

How Google’s Mobilegeddon will Affect SERP and Your Business

Anyone who will not join the bandwagon of updates by the search engine giant will suffer the dire fate of losing traffic, page ranking, and ultimately, low website worth. In order to avoid suffering irrelevance, business owners have two options:

  • Setup or Update One’s Website to be More Responsive.
  • Create a Separate Mobile Version for the Website.

Fortunately, Google does not show any discrimination on which of the two options website owners take so long as it has a responsive design.

How to find out if a website has a responsive design:

  • Horizontally configured buttons change to stack vertically when viewed in mobile devices.
  • Pictures, graphics, and other images automatically resize so users do not need to zoom in and out on navigation.
  • Forms move and cleverly align with the site’s main content for ease of usage.

SEO is a moving target. Before, website promotion entails article marketing through popular search keywords, investing on the best social bookmarking sites, or improving one’s Alexa website ranking.

With Mobilegeddon, the gist of making it on top of SERPs is to make one’s website fit in all screen sizes.



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