Exclusive Scoop for SEO 2015: Top Three Local SEO Tools Every E-Commerce Company Should Use

Why are local SEO tools important in page optimization and page ranking?

Here are a few key points from a study done by MDG Advertising which highlights the importance of local SEO tools:

  • 71% of internet users put higher value on data provided by local search results.
  • 36% of users believe that these results are convenient
  • 14% of the internet users actually utilize these results to search for a local business every month.
  • 61% of local search results convert into an actual purchase or business transaction.

Getting listed in the local searches or maintaining a good ranking is not easy though. Here are a few challenges when it comes to local search rankings:

  • Limited Page Space

There are many elements that Google displays in local search results. Such elements include business or physical address, star ratings, user reviews, contact information, check-ins, among others. Above this data, Google also displays organic results and AdWords ads.

Because it is crammed with different information, the space for pages of local searches is highly limited.

  • Being Dwarfed by Big Retail Chains

Multi-million dollar worth retail chains are also involved in local rankings. This does not mean that e-commerce should back away and let competition reign.

Take note of these activities that affect local SEO work:

  • Progress monitoring.
  • Searching for new citation opportunities.
  • Conducting site audits regularly.


  • Gaining Results Take Time

Seeing one’s local SEO efforts come into fruition take time. E-commerce companies need to verify and manage certain platforms. Each of these has its own set of service terms and rules to follow. It takes time, work, and skill to make one’s profile comply and optimize on these platforms.

Here are the top three local SEO tools to help overcome these challenges and obtain favorable local search engine optimization results:

BrightLocal (http://www.brightlocal.com)

BrightLocal is a local SEO instruments that helps e-commerce target consultants and marketing agencies.

It enables users the ability for rank tracking and the use of a citations finder. It also has a slew of other important tools such as Google+ Wizard, online reviews monitoring device, and a local SEO audit tool.

LocalVox (http://localvox.com)

A powerhouse of local marketing, LocalVox makes it possible for entrepreneurs to manage their brand presence online. Users can make use of this tool to manage their SEO work in terms of relevant content, email marketing, and social media.

With only one push of a button, business owners can publish content through their website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social pages.

For small e-commerce groups, it helps businesses in local marketing through targeting customers, managing announcements and news, and monitoring reviews.

WhiteSpark (http://www.whitespark.ca)

Any business owner who want to improve Google local rankings cannot afford to miss out on WhiteSpark.

The application boasts of its citation finder. This is instrumental in finding potential citation prospects through website data and key words. It also has the ability to monitor local rankings to link prospects.

Even small business SEO is guaranteed to gain better page optimization. By banking on the benefits of local searches and the tools for local SEO, even a small e-commerce can make it big online.

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