Exclusive Small Business SEO Strategy

How to Survive the SEO Trends of 2015

Google has recently released another update for its algorithm. Does this mean that you will have to abandon the SEO plans you have been working on and crack up another strategy? That may sound possible for big companies that hire an SEO agency to promote their websites. But for small businesses, that appears as a very tall order.

Fortunately, SEO specialists reveal that white hat SEO methods do not have a significant enough change for businesses to take a drastic course of action.

However, even with the release of Mobilegeddon, Google’s newest algorithm update, small businesses can still strike up an ecommerce SEO move that can survive the trends of 2015:

  1. Make equal investments on both offline and online marketing

According to a technical SEO expert from Venn Digital, a digital marketing agency, the offline marketing efforts of a business has a direct impact on its organic traffic. When consumers become aware of a brand which they have seen or heard of, chances are, they will search for it when they go online.

Small ecommerce units can do well by accumulating as many product reviews as possible and integrating it in their Google Business Profile.

The search engine authority will utilize this information and will be a major contributing factor for Google to trust the brand and include it in SERPs.

  1. Aim for Uniformity of Content across All Business Sites, Pages, and Other Advertising Tools

A lot of businesses utilize various niches where consumers can reach them. It may include the main website of the brand, its social media pages, and newsletters coming from email marketing.

Wherever or whatever way customers can reach you, make sure that the following are consistently correct and the same:

  • Business name, including the correct and exact spelling in all forms available
  • Physical address, if any, for the business
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Email address
  • Home Page URL
  • Social Media Names, URL, Handle (for Twitter), or Username
  • Brand Logo, if any
  • Business Description or Tagline
  • Contact Information of the Owner, if relevant

By paying attention to small details such as these, a brand gains consistency, authority, and promotes a sense of serious business ethics.

  1. Keep the Web Content Fresh, Updated, and User-Friendly

Google tends to gravitate towards websites which are updated regularly, provide up-to-date information to the users, and has a clean, easy navigation.

More than just showing what the business has to offer, providing visitors with a good-read often turn them from readers into customers.

  1. Focus on Top-Notch User Experience

Google has always been vocal that its ultimate aim is to provide the best user experience for everyone that uses the search engine.

Small businesses should take their cue from this. Aside from actively adding new content on a website, business owners should also improve site security, loading speed, and site structure. A responsive web design that will adapt to all screen sizes is also a must.

  1. Make the Most of Local Search and Marketing

Local searches is the haven of small businesses. Owners should use tools such as SEOMOZ that will provide keywords search terms that are relevant locally. Moz Local also helps businesses to have their information and brand enlisted correctly and consistently in local directories.

Working with the local press release submission service, local news agencies, and location-based online PR media can give the brand a boost. Before long, consistent investments on these areas will turn the brand into a household name.

It is unwise to let big companies dominate the SERPs when these effective strategies are available for small businesses. After all, the internet revolution means equal opportunities for everyone.


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