Find the Best Web Hosting Site for You

Domain Name Setup Done: Now Find the Best Web Hosting Site for You

Now that you have finally settled on a cool domain name, it is time to search for a web host for your site. Some people put too much emphasis on how to get a domain that they fail to grasp it is just the starting phase of the business. One of the easiest mistakes to make is selecting a web hosting provider without proper research and thorough consideration.

There’s a wide range of web hosting servers that promise to project your website into a prominent online presence. The choices can be overwhelming that it’s easy to get lured on which promises the most benefits, which is most cost-friendly, or that which is easily navigated.

When faced with such dilemma, narrow down your options by keeping these key points in perspective:

  • Technical Specifications

Perhaps the first thing web owners should consider is the technical aspect of a web host as compared to the technicalities of their would-be sites.

Consider these guiding questions:

How much is your disk space?

What are your bandwidth needs?

Are you aiming for the site to contain several web pages?

Are you planning to feature several graphics on your site?

Is the site anticipating a huge amount of traffic?

If you answered YES to the last three questions, then your web site needs ample bandwidth and disk space. The unlimited plans that web hosts offer are the most convenient for big, loaded websites accommodating heavy traffic daily. If the website is simpler and the owner wants to regulate the amount of traffic taken in, plans with lower bandwidth and disk space can be opted.

The technical aspects of a proper web host also includes its compatibility with the site owner’s operating system. A web host with enticing offers but different OS is still inconvenient. Work with what you already have.

Other considerations under this category are the reliability, availability, and security of a web host. Ideal web hosting providers provide 98% to 99% availability rates or uptime. Making promises on the availability scale of a host is easy that is why domain owners should be wary of the hosting provider’s reliability. You can do this by taking time to read the reviews of other users.

Because viruses, spam, and online criminals sprawl the website every day, domain owners should make sure they get as much security measures as possible. Important facets such as daily backups, user authentication, and firewalls should be readily available. Options such as getting notifications when changes have been made on the website is also ideal because it can alert the owner for any suspicious activity.

  • Service Pricing and Overall Package Value

A lot of domain owners settle for web hosting service based on its affordability. This is especially true for small businesses. Even though this is not a wise strategy, pricing is still an important consideration.


Ideal web hosting providers would offer their clients with different package options to fit their budget. For some providers, long-term subscriptions are rewarded with hefty discounts.


Select a package or web host that gives you sufficient room for growth. Sometimes owners fail to grasp the rate their websites can grow into that they choose a small package. Other times, businesses develop exponentially that they need bigger packages even if they have already purchased a sizable plan.


For such instances, it is best to sign up with web hosting providers with scalable deals. This means that users have the option to upgrade to other plans promptly and easily if the situation calls for it. In the same light, it is important to know the number of email accounts provided. Even if you do not see the need for several email accounts at the time of purchase, it is wise to have the freedom to create the most email accounts possible. Pricier packages usually include greater number of allowed email accounts.


Pricing and value are two different concepts that many people interchange. This is not at all a correct price. A deal may have the cheapest price but if it comes with a horde of hassles which demand damage control, repair, and a lot of time, the deal is of no good value at all.


  • Stack Up on Extras

Aside from providing the basics of web hosting such as disk space and bandwidth, providers also throw in several extras to sweeten the deal. The key is to find a web hosting supplier that offers extras fitting for your niche.

For entrepreneurs selling their products online, look for providers that give ecommerce solutions. For bloggers who are constantly making changes on their online space, web hosts with advanced and easy-to-use content management systems are best.

Ideal extra deals should also include the ability to access website statistics and tips on how to make the most of the package.

  • Solid Service Support and Available Customer Service

Even if you are a pro in website setups, it is still good to have customer service at hand. Make sure that the hosting provider has regular, if not 24/7 customer support. It is also good to have multiple ways of receiving support: through phone, live chat, or email.

A solid service support offers customer freedom and as much flexibility as possible. A money-back guarantee for customers who are unsatisfied with the service is always a nice fallback.

It’s tempting to breeze through the process of selecting a web hosting provider and proceed to SEO and social media marketing efforts. However, these marketing and site optimization strategies would just crumble if the frame of the website is not selected wisely. This frame comes at the form of the web hosting service.

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