Five Fresh Ideas on How to Increase Website Traffic

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If you have been combing the internet for a long time on how to increase website traffic, you may feel like you have seen it all. With every update coming from Google and with every technology that makes visitors more elusive, it’s inevitable to feel like there must be something else you can still do. Does increasing your website visitors always have to feel this difficult? Do all legit and quality web traffic services cost an arm and a leg?


Why You Need to Focus on Quality over Quantity


If one website has 1,000,000 visitors and the other has 1,000 only, the former is easily the most successful one in terms of SEO.

Or is it?

Gone are the days when winning in on-site traffic is determined by numbers rather than quality. Now, quality visitors mean people who will make an actual sales transaction, download information about one’s services, or even just show interest by asking for a quote.

Paying for a service to get more website visitors that will do nothing on your site is throwing away money. It’s time to shift your focus from getting a million visitors a month to closing as much sales as you can every day.

Here are the different marketing goals that will help you shift gears into the right direction:

  • Focus on attracting visitors that will turn into paying customers. This means setting up more marketing strategies that highlight your services. Let people know why they need your business. Remember that dangling freebies to lure in visitors may be a good way to increase traffic but not necessarily the right kind.
  • Find ways on getting customers’ contact details such as their name or email address without sounding pushy.
  • Set tactics to win new customers but make sure to take care of the existing ones.
  • Boost up conversion rate at the lowest cost possible.

BONUS TIP: You should aim at these goals at the same time. Isolating them from each other is a sure way of ending up with unsatisfactory overall results.

Here are the fresh, untapped ways on how to boost quality visitors on your web site:


  1. Share Your Knowledge on Quora

For many years, Yahoo Answers top search results pages when users key in a question on search engines. Unfortunately, Yahoo Answers has gained a dubious, almost satirical reputation because of the mocking and unserious responses from users.


Quora is gaining fast on the track of the most reputable question-and-answer sites. It has become the hub of credible and useful information on every issue one can think of. Quora members who share the most useful, clear, and relevant answers also earn referral traffic to their site. The more solid reputation you build on Quora as a trustworthy solutions provider, the more loyal visitors you get.


  1. Post Comments Promptly

Blog comments are one of the proven ways on gaining visitors to one’s page. Did you know you can tweak this strategy to make it work even more?

Post blog comments as prompt as you can. Always aim to be the first one to comment. Being on top of a long thread in the comments section gives you maximum visibility so more users click through your links.


  1. Maximize Your LinkedIn Articles Posts

Not many people appreciate LinkedIn as a social platform to increase site traffic. Facebook may have billions of users but LinkedIn is a more reputably professional hub. Now, LinkedIn has an improved content publishing platform that helps advertisers earn more interested visitors to their site.


  1. Setup Webinars for Free

No one can resist a freebie. And if this offer provides significant information to improve one’s life, the more irresistible it becomes.

You do not need dozens of free webinars every week. A few, well-placed ones is the key to make your business or domain name go viral. Some people may get intimidated by the logistics involved in setting up a webinar. All you need to hit the spot are the following steps:

  • Pinpoint a major problem that many people share.
  • Provide a creative, clear, easy-to-follow solution.
  • Offer extra talking points regarding the topic.
  • Set these up into a slideshow.
  • Promote the webinar.
  • Make sure you highlight that it’s for free.



The default action of netizens when seeking answers is to Google it. Still, this giant search engine cannot provide all the answers all the time. That’s why Google is always on the lookout for websites which can make their search results pages as targeted and relevant as possible. Setup a smart, creative webinar and Google might put your website on top of its pages.


  1. Make the Most of Your YouTube Videos


It is a known fact that most people would much rather watch a video than read an article. It only makes sense that you invest on your YouTube videos as much as you invest on your blog content.

Embed links, make tutorial videos, and setup a series on a certain topic on your YouTube channel. Before long, you get increased YouTube views, ad revenues from Google, and social shares in addition to your referral traffic.


Aiming to boost web visitors is not enough. Set out to increase website traffic that finds your website valuable.


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