Get targeted visitors by using social media

The days of keywords stuffing are over and so do the days of targeting everyone and getting tons of traffic on your website. Now online marketers and webmasters have to adapt smart techniques and tactics to get targeted visitors on their websites. Targeted traffic or targeted visitors increase the sales volume, decrease bounce rate and of course play an important role in page ranking.

social media is vital for your website

social media is vital for your website’s success

There are tons of ways to get your hands on targeted visitors and some common ones are using social media lik


e Facebook and Twitter, and planning excellent content strategies. Let’s see how you can improve yourFacebook and Twitter ad campaign and get targeted visitors on your website.


Use videos

This looks kind of something insignificant but you’d be amazed to see the outcome. Comparing with other content types like images and text, videos on Facebook have highest engagement rate that is quite surprising for companies and brands which do not use videos at all. Consumers find videos interesting that give you an opportunity to get in touch with your target visitors. You don’t need to shot videos but you can make transitioning videos with images and text.

Sharable content

No one on social media would share your ads. It means you shouldn’t advertise your products or services via direct ads but instead you should post sharable content. This is one of the most effective strategies to use your users and visitors to advertise your products and services for free and in return they get valuable contents. Of course you must post relevant con

use facebook social media for your website

use facebook social media for your website

tents of your field. For example if you own a computer repair shop then sharing contents about “how to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10?” can give you traffic.


Analyze other similar brands

This is quite similar to competitor research but instead of being a fully automated process, this needs your interaction. If you don’t have any idea about your target visitors and target customers then this strategy can help you a lot. You can visit your competitors’ profile on Facebook and Twitter, and see what kind of contents that are sharing and what their target audience is. Following your competitors on Facebook and Twitter help you know about your target audience.

Use cover photo wisely

Cover photo is a feature that many Facebook users enjoy using but for companies and brands this is not just a feature for amusement. Brands can use that place for smart advertisement. Some examples are Victoria’s Secret and Dunkin Donuts. Both of these brands use their Facebook cover photo quite brilliantly. Dunkin Donuts asks their fans to send their photos enjoy their products and they select photo of the week for their cover photo. This is an excellent tactic that brands can use for increase their fan engagement and ultimately to get targeted visitors.


Images are important, everyone knows that. Brands can afford high quality photography and that investment pays off well when it comes to social media. Make sure you post high quality images of your products and other stuff. Regardless of the platform, images matter a lot. However using images to convey the original message is not a good idea because the only purpose of using catchy images is to get readers’ attention. Of course you can write few words or even a sentence or two on the image but it’s the text that matters the most.

Target your audience

That’s no brainer; business and brands all over the globe have realized the important of target marketing and that’s why they only focus on their target audience. Targeted visitors increase their sales volume but on the other hand you need to invest on target marketing first. Target marketing refers to advertising your products and services to people who are already interested in your products. It also means you have to use more targeted keywords instead of common keywords with high search volume.

Retargeting your audience

Retargeting is a relatively newer term in marketing and it refers to linking with previous customers and carry out incomplete sales. If a visitor ends up on your webpage it means he/she has interest in your product, service or the content you are offering. It also means you can target your existing customers for new products or services. This is an effective technique but needs a through and clean plan to work the best.

Test multiple versions

Regardless of what your marketing and advertising strategies are, you should test multiple versions of everything to get your hands on the best possible combination. You can test different versions of ads, images and even contents. Of course this could be done by dividing your budget but the outcome allows you to continue the best combination of strategies and get the desired results in terms of targeted visitors.

Long tail keywords

In order to get your hands on targeted traffic and targeted visitors you need to focus on long tail keywords. Shorter keywords come with high search volume but because of the same reason they usually have high competition that makes it hard for new brands and companies to achieve a higher page ranking. Focusing on long tail keywords is an effective strategy that guarantees targeted visitors on your website. This targeted traffic leads to higher sales volume and lower bounce rate because those visitors are already interested in your products or services.

Create a community

You should treat your customers and audience like a community. It is a great idea to have a forum of your own but if your budget doesn’t allow a forum then you can create a community around your products and services on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Creating a community around your product has many advantages including high ranking in search results and targeted visitors who already know about your products and services from social media and interested in them. The additional benefit of community is customer loyalty.


Your content must provide value to your readers and that should be your primary purpose; as mentioned above, keyword stuffing is not an option anymore and you cannot possibly write for search engines but instead you need to write for people. In order to get customer base around your contents, you need to provide value to your community. In other words, the quality of your contents matters the most. Many online marketers and webmasters suggest the contents should be timeless instead of trendy.

Optimize your posts

Optimizing your posts can pay off big and this is a small time based investment that you can easily make. Online tools and services like Google Keywords Tool and SEMRush can help you decide which keywords are good for your contents. Optimizing your contents mean you need to add title, description and keywords too. These things are not only important for readers but they also help search engines to categorize your contents. Highly optimized contents and articles also ranked higher in search result page that is the main advantage of them.

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