Google SERPs Evolution: What to Learn and What to Takeaway

Google SERPs Evolution: What to Learn and What to Takeaway for Your Company

SMX or Search Marketing Expo is the annual gathering of internet marketing experts to discuss online advertising trends, educated predictions, compare data, and prepare companies for new practices and updates pertaining to the world of online business. Google SERPs have evolved over the course of years and SMX gave internet marketers a preview into the future of search.

Here are important takeaways on Google SERPs and what it may mean for your business:

  • SERPs are Always Changing
  • SERPs are More Information-Packed
  • SERPs are Driven Towards Direct Answers

SERPs are Always Changing

This may come as no surprise since SERPs are significantly related to online marketing which is constantly updated to keep up with the times.

However, the changes in SERPs are now more apparent compared to the subtle tweaks seen before. The search engine result pages of today are steadily steering clear from the conventional links to give way to pages that include maps, reviews, customer or user rating, social media check-ins, product listings, knowledge graph boxes, and direct answers.

Before, the ultimate goal of search engine marketing is to rank high by harvesting organic visitors. SERPs were traditionally dominated by those organic blue links. Now, such links have sunk lower to give way for more visual-friendly results.

The Old Face of SERPs:

The New Face of SERPs:

As business owner intent on making it on top of the first page of Google, you should do well to focus on versatile platforms and techniques that provide extensive content and information that will flood search engine result pages. No wonder keyword-stuffing to boost a web page is already out.

In its most recent algorithm change, Google also revealed that the search engine bots crawl and favor websites which are mobile-ready as compared to less flexible ones.

SERPs are More Information-Packed

More information in lesser time: this may just as well be the tagline of the new SERPs. Google prides itself for providing results that allow its users to ingest more information is just a span of seconds.

In 2005, internet users spend 2 seconds or less in viewing search engine result listings. In 2014, internet users only spare 1.17 seconds or less to run through SERPs. With this very limited attention span, the more information-packed brands take the cake in gaining more clicks.

The study also revealed that internet users tend to spend more time in examining the list of results that come up than the time they spend in the website itself.

The need for captivating pages was also highlighted. Because more results are presented by Google, searchers would tend to click away and try other links when they cannot find what they are looking for in the few moments they spend on a site.

SERPs are Driven Towards Direct Answers

Competition is hard enough among millions of companies vying on the same niche but Google added another challenge: the incorporation of paid ads.

For example, when users search for a song lyrics, links to direct the users to Google Play also come up. Before, SERPs provide users with possible answers. Now, they lead them to the actual answers. Google has paved the way for paid ads to be included in SERPs without it appearing as such.

This is a deal-breaker for some companies while it may serve as a trailblazer for some brands.

The whole internet marketing community keeps a watchful eye for significant updates announced by the search engine authority. However, it’s a little known fact that Google makes subtle changes in the SERPs from time to time.

Although these waves of changes appear overwhelming at first glance, a good internet marketer knows that the key to survive and thrive amidst it is to adjust their sails to make the changes work for their benefit.

These takeaways from the future of SERPs should not be detrimental to your page ranking but instrumental to boost the business into SERP prominence.

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