Hashtags 101: How Hashtags Can Increase Instagram Followers, Get Facebook Fans, and Gain More Twitter Followers Free

What used to be just a pound sign (#) has now taken over social media.

Originating from Twitter, hashtags are now used by Facebook users, Instagram followers, and YouTube viewers. It is also all over Google+, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

Now, a social media post does not seem complete without it being punctuated by a hashtag. The current update of Instagram which included emojis as hashtags only shows its increasing relevance in social networks.

This is a social currency that business owners, bloggers, and page admins should learn how to spend.

How Can a Hashtag Help You?

Before delving into the ways on how to optimize a hashtag, it is important to understand how it can help you in the first place.

There are two major ways that hashtags can boost your website, page, brand name, and fan base:

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Filtering

Internet Live Stats reveal that in Twitter alone, users post 500 million tweets every day. That is such a thick, highly varied content to wade through.

Thanks to hashtags, users can easily filter and find the content, brand, topic, and service they are looking for. In the same way, entrepreneurs and companies can also afford easily discoverable content.

Here are a few key points for bloggers, business owners, and brands to benefit from this social media currency:

  • Content Relevance


Internet users are smarter than ever. They know when a page is bogus, when a content is just spam, and when to steer clear from suspicious posts.


Because of this, they tend to grow more impatient towards pages that do not deliver what they are supposed to represent. Irrelevant pages are easily unfollowed or blocked.

Hashtags makes content relevance possible. Because of this tool, a content or page can be in the loop of what is trending in the social networks.


  • User-Friendly and Content Discoverability

Hashtags make it possible to be found by the right people at the right time. With millions of posts that clutter the internet every day, this tool drives users to easily find the content they are looking for.

There is too much digital noise online but a hashtag will help both user and page-runners to fine-tune the mixed social noise and communicate with each other.

  • Grows Brand Prominence


Before, the fastest way to build a Twitter fan base is to buy cheap followers. The easiest way to create legit-looking Facebook fan pages is by buying Facebook fans. YouTube users who wish to monetize on their videos pay for YouTube views.


But as social networks steadily become a stronghold in internet marketing, these social sites are also growing more stringent in their usage terms, especially among business pages.


Twitter and Instagram do a regular sweep of their sites to get rid of ghost followers that even if companies buy followers by the millions, they can easily lose them too. Facebook pages that lack credibility are disabled by the network. YouTube videos with suspiciously high views are banned.


Growing brand prominence can take years before business owners see the fruition of their efforts. Hashtags expedite this process by catapulting a brand or service into the trending or most popular pages of the networks.


By being recommended by the social network itself, users are keener to check out a content. Brands which savor the few minutes of popularity promptly gain more followers in a legitimate way that does not violate usage terms.


  • Holistic Picture of Content Reach

By searching, analyzing, and evaluating hashtags, companies will have a concrete view of how many users repost their content, what followers have to say about their brand, and what related topics are trending that they can bank on.

  • Brand Personality

Celebrities, bloggers, and other public figures create a noise or gain an impact in their social pages by the use of quirky, fun, or for some, controversial hashtags.

By using wisely chosen and entertaining hash tags, one can show off their brand personality and exude the kind of impression they want to be known with.

Tips on How to Use Hashtags to Boost Content

Now that it’s clear how potent a hashtag can be, here are tips on how to make the most of this social media instrument:

  1. Be on the loop of what’s trending.


Hashtags are all about the trend. Twitter has a box which showcases the trending topics. Facebook and even search engines such as Yahoo are now giving users a peek of what people are talking about on their sites. Bank on this information and use relevant and popular hashtags to optimize your posts.

For businesses which aim multinational markets, changing the country on the trending boxes is a must to reach the right audience. For companies which use several social media platforms, Social Mention shows related hashtags which are on top of the trending pages.


  1. Don’t Overuse.


Twitter only allows 140 characters per post. Lengthy Facebook statuses tend to be skipped over by users. Too much hashtags may land your post on more searches but such posts appear to be littered, unprofessional, and spam-like.


Many users also find it annoying to find posts which abuse the use of hashtags.


  1. Use Instagram Hashtag Recycling

Even though it is recommended to limit the use of hashtags, Instagram is a hashtag paradise. Unlike Twitter, Instagram gives their users free reign when it comes to hash-tagging their posts. Users can also post hashtags in the comments section, delete, and use a whole slew of different hashtags after some time. This strategy is called hashtag recycling and has helped many users monetize and advertise their content.

  1. Use Hash Tagging Tools

What used to be a quirky way to express oneself has become a marketing tool. Tools such as Keyhole tracks posts by hash tag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtagify is a tool that shows the popularity score and correlation score of a post to help businesses determine which hashtag to use. Iconosquare on Instagram helps users see the metrics of their posts and evaluate the results of their hashtags.

  1. Hashtags as Internal Tool to Evaluate Results

Business owners can make use of hashtags by filtering their posts and evaluating which ones garnered more exposure, gained approval from followers, and spurned better interaction. This will help them in determining the kind of posts to create in the future.

A hashtag is basically a keyword in the realm of social media. Once businesses learn how to capitalize on it, Twitter and Instagram followers, Facebook fans, and YouTube views increase steadily over time.

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