How Online Marketers Increase Their Visitors And Get Tons Of Clicks Without Buying Web Traffic

how to generate clicks without buying web traffic

There are billions of websites out there and getting tons of clicks and visitors on your website could be a challenge. Of course you need to make diverse strategies including affiliates, search engines and buying web traffic. Following are some tips and guidelines that may help business owners and online marketers in getting more visitors on their websites.

There are several different search engines out there and everybody uses them; search engines differ in search strategies and efficiency. Some of the popular search engines are Bing, Yahoo and Google search engines like Google and Google Images. Make sure your website is listed on these search engines and that would be the first step in getting more visitors without buying web traffic. One of the most effective yet inexpensive strategies is to use your relevant keywords in your contents.

According to industry experts and online marketers who have been doing this for years, the proper use of keywords in your website title, tags and contents can make a big difference in your website ranking and ultimately in number of visitors. There are tons of online tools and websites like Google Insights and SEMRush that can tell you which keywords are important for your website and how much traffic they can bring.

Beside the inexpensive strategy described above, there is another method that many companies and websites use; it is paid search services. Basically these services allow webmasters to rank their websites in search results against specific queries. Almost all search engines have this service yet Yahoo Directory Submit is the most popular one because of their straightforward process and easiness. This web service has made buying web traffic easier than ever but your website must follow the guidelines to be submitted.

As mentioned above, contents matter a lot but producing great contents is not enough because you also need to engage your readers, visitors and users on a deeper level. Being social is one of the best ways to connect with your visitors and promoting your contents, services and products. Interestingly almost every company has social presence that they use strategically to get visitors and even customers. Social channels are also great way to get traffic without actually buying web traffic.

On-page SEO is still important and ignoring it may lead to some unwanted results. Many online marketers make mistake of assuming the days of on-page SEO are over but you’d be amazed to know it isn’t the case at all. On-page SEO is still valuable and search engines like Google even have introduced new methods and factors. For example, now the site loading time matters a lot; it means you have to make your website speedy, not only for your visitors but also for the search engines. People usually expect a website to load within two seconds and if your website is not that fast that means you are losing tons of traffic already.

There are many online tools, websites and services available that are used to determine the website loading speed and they even help webmasters to improve their websites’ performance; some of these services are Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix.

We all know how important back linking is but many online marketers do not consider internal linking a good strategy; that is a mistake. Linking your contents and web pages internally could make a huge difference and you must do that more often but moderately. Internal linking is not only useful for search engines but it also helps readers to understand your contents in a better way.

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