How To Use Social Media Smartly And Buy Traffic For Website For A Ton Of Clicks

give web traffic visitors a reason to click

Social media is a gift of 21st century, it is going to be around us for upcoming years, billions of people use it every day for different purposes; some use them to connect with their friends and family while some innovative ones use social media to market and advertise their products, services and even contents. It seems social media is all good, but the biggest problem with social media is that there are so many people, so many videos, audios and images. Too much content have decreased the value of individual post.

It means users don’t usually click on anything but just keep scrolling down to see more contents and more specifically, they keep scrolling down to find better contents. There is nothing wrong with that if you are user or visitor, it is absolutely harmless except the fact you are wasting time and cannot find good things to read. But if you are business owner or webmaster then obviously you need to go to the extra mile to transform a visitor to a user or subscriber or even a customer.

Of course you can buy traffic for website to get more hits but for brand awareness and more specifically to get loyal users and customers, you have to connect with them on a deeper level. So what is your plan to achieve that goal? How do you plan to get tons of clicks? Following are some tips and strategies that you can use to boost your website traffic.


Identify high quality links and buy traffic for website

If you are going to buy traffic for website then you must know the targeted traffic is the most influencing thing to increase your conversion rate on social websites and networks. In other words, the most important thing is whether people are clicking on your links or not. Even if your only profile is new on a social media website, it would still have a higher rank because of the high authority of social websites.

Now there are two ways of get things done; you can either post things on your own profile or you can try to get some high quality links. Posting on your own profile or wall is perfectly fine and could be fruitious only if you have many friends and followers who love reading your posts and contents. It means that high engagement rate would automatically increase your ranking. However if you don’t have such influence in your field then you have to find other profiles who have it. Tools like BuzzSumo can help you in this regard. Then you can connect with those high authority profiles and drive traffic.


Give them a reason to click

Regardless of whether you are doing things the right way on your website or not, rules change when it comes to social media networks and websites. People come here to connect with their friends, to see what’s happening here and there, and like mentioned above they will keep scrolling unless you give them a reason to stop scrolling and click on your post or contents. On the other hand, people don’t come to social media to read ads neither they have the time to read long and boring posts.

It means you need a better and highly optimized “call to action” plan. To get the idea of what we are talking about here, check Moz Twitter handler and see how they have tried to address different issues. Additionally, they have also used images smartly. Images have a reputation of increasing click-through rates and statistical data suggests the same. So, how you are going to keep people interested? The best way to do that is by not giving a lot of information in the first place.


Provide them high quality contents

That’s no brainer; providing your audience high quality contents is the most obvious thing you can do to get their attention, get their loyalty and ultimately increase your conversion rate. High quality contents are not only important for your readers and visitors but that’s what search engines like Google want too. And we all know giving search engines what they want is important too. Now the question is, what makes contents high quality contents and how you can create them? Surprisingly, most of the contents available online today are high quality but what makes a difference is titles and headings.

A simple example is the difference between “how to get online traffic?” and “10 ways to get online traffic for your website.” Even if both of these pieces have exactly the same contents, it is highly likely the second title would get people’s attention more effectively. It means small details can make huge difference and you have to focus on the details to stand out from the pack.


Remarketing to lost users

The concept of remarketing could be effective if done the right way. Unfortunately you cannot buy traffic for website for remarketing purpose so you have to go to extra mile. There are many reasons users drop off after some time. Some get bored; some don’t like the style or tone of your contents and some don’t have interest in your contents at all. This is perfectly fine, but you can and you should get back people who have left because they don’t find your contents valuable.

There are many different ways to get those users back. First of all, you can focus on your contents but that’s not enough. Focusing on the key demographics and audience could be the key. However offering discounts on products and services is an effective way to get your lost users back. Make sure you offer them subscription to your email list that could be extremely helpful in long term relationship.

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