Internet Marketing Promotion for 2015

Everything You Need to Know About the Top 3 Affiliate Programs of the Year

Many marketing strategies and online money-spinning programs have come and gone. However, out of all these trends and changes, affiliate marketing remains to be a multibillion dollar industry. Hundreds of online business people turn to affiliate marketing for their main source of income. Because the number of entrepreneurs for affiliate marketing strategies have increased, the opportunities for web publishers also widened to give way for audience development and product offers.

Here are the Top Three Best Affiliate Programs to Watch Out for in 2015:

  1. Google AdSense


More commonly called AdSense, this brainchild of search engine authority Google is the highest-paying affiliate program network in the market today. AdSense provides publishers or subscribers with advertisement units. When users get their application approved, they are given a unique ID and are able to earn money through the ads posted by Google on their websites or blogs.


The Downside:


  • Payment Limit or Threshold


Users of Google AdSense cannot make withdrawals if their earnings are below $100. Although this might sound like a wise strategy to control spending, it proves to be a disadvantage for owners of small businesses.


  • Stringent Restrictions on Uniqueness

Google is big on uniqueness and content quality. When a website or blog has been flagged as containing an article or content which is plagiarized, application for Google AdSense is denied. This includes content or articles which originally belong to the owner of the website which has been copied by others. Many affiliate marketers require professional content writing services in order to pass this test.

 The Upside:

  • Various Monetization Options


Publishers of Google ads enjoy multiple ways of earning from their AdSense account. Apart from posting ads directly to a blog or web page, AdSense users can also earn from feed, mobile sites, videos, searches, online games, among many others.


  • Affordable Traffic Requirements


Google does not ask publishers to acquire millions of views per day to get admitted to their affiliate marketing program. If a website contains original and quality content, it has high chances of getting approved. As long as a site receives 100 or more unique visitors daily, whether it contains a top level domain or sub level domain, Google will approve its AdSense application.


  • Zero Waiting Time for Ads to Appear

Publishers do not need to wait for a specific period of time for Google ads to show up on their pages or blogs. The ads automatically show up in the ad space as soon as the publisher key in the ad code on their blogs.

  • Country-based Payment Methods


Google is a big promoter of universal reach when it comes to internet marketing. AdSense makes it fast and easy for publishers to earn by providing payment options which are popular and readily available in the user’s country.


  • Multi-Language Availability and Support

AdSense is the pioneer network supporting ads posting in languages besides English. As of this writing, AdSense supports thirty different languages.

  • Various Ad Formats

Google recognizes the uniqueness of every website. That is why it is keen to adapt its ads to fit the pages where they are posted. Available ad formats from AdSense range from display ads, text ads, and link ads to video ads and rich media ads.

  • Highest Revenue Shares


Website owners and bloggers earn the most when their sites display ads from Google. Google pays 68% of revenue share for content and 51% for search.


Because Google is such an influential name in the internet world, any website which contains its ads instantly appear prominent and authoritative in its niche, thereby attracting more visitors and a powerful online presence.


  1. Clickbank


A haven of entrepreneurs selling digital products, Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network boasting of 12,000 vendors and 100,000 affiliates.


The Downside:


  • Bogus Services and Product Scams


Clickbank users who receive 10% to 20% of returns or lower should be wary of the products they are promoting. When products or services give lower returns than expected, it could be because it is a rip-off. There are many such cases in Clickbank.

  • Strict Requirements/Waiting Time Before First Payout


Clickbank users need to wait for their initial payout by making sure that these two requirements are met first:

  • Payment Threshold
  • Customer Distribution

The Upside:

  • High Commission Amounts


Majority of Clickbank products are intangible or digital in nature. This means higher commission rates for vendors. For every sale, Clickbank users can earn up to 50% or 75% of the revenue.


  • On-Time Payments

Although the first payment from Clickbank requires patience from the users, this affiliate marketing network boasts of an impressive payment system.

It pays out checks to affiliates every week or two. Even if the vendor’s business suffer bankruptcy, affiliates will still be paid by Clickbank.

  • Ability to Promote as Many as 6,000 Products

As soon as the user gets their affiliate ID, they will be able to promote up to 6,000 products on their site or blog.

To top it off, users do not need to register every product separately.

  1. Amazon Associates


Amazon boasts of 1.6 million vendors and tens of thousands of affiliates so that to some extent, it is the widest affiliate market. Because its affiliate program system is simple and easy, it is the number one choice of those which do not have business and technical backgrounds.

The Downside:

  • Low Commission Rates


Amazon affiliate marketers has only 4% of starting commission. This means that users require bigger sales for the affiliate program to become workable.


  • Longer Payment Cycles

Amazon employs what it calls a net 60 model payment. This means users can only get paid 2 months after the sale has been made.


The Upside:

  • Highly Flexible


Because Amazon is a wide market, users have millions of products to choose from. Amazon affiliates can select from a wide range of affiliate links and ads to put on their sites.


  • Most User-Friendly

Amazon has the most user-friendly interface. It is clean, well-designed, and intuitive so that even folks with no business and technical background can breeze through it without much effort.

Before, making money online require stringent page optimization, several news press release, and expert link building strategy. Now, these top three affiliate marketing programs are proving to be fast and legitimate money-spinners for pros and beginners alike.







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