Is It Worth the Risk to Buy Website Traffic?

Every action has an associated risk but it seems this rule of life is especially steep in business. In the digital world, a business thrives through the amount of visitors that drive into its website. Even if some visitors do not actually purchase anything, their visit, social shares, bookmarks, and recommendations have significant weight. It is because of this that many business owners resort to buy website traffic. But is it worth it?


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There are involved dangers in every business decision you carry out. Therefore, the key is to take calculated risks so that you know what you are up to, what scenarios can possibly result, and what actions you can do to remedy any problem that may arise. In the case of buying website traffic, the risks solely lie in the source of the service. This tactic has been around for so long that its length of existence in the business is a mere testament that it is in fact effective.

Here are the different risks you face when you purchase web traffic to help you make an informed decision:

Risk #1: The Seller is Bogus

Perhaps the most blatant risk of all is a fake web traffic seller. This usually comes with offers that appears too good to be true. It is tempting to take the bait when offers of cheap website traffic are dangled before you with promises of extra benefits.

How do you spot a fake seller?

One giveaway is the mode of payment they prefer. If you pay by debit, virtual currencies, or credit card, they can usually get away with the fraudulent service. Fake sellers are the ones which put up a website, fill it with tempting SEO offers, made-up reviews and testimonials, and get pushy when sales-talking.

However, when the customer has finally handed in the payment, they can no longer be contacted, they do not respond to messages, and even their WHOIS information return empty results.

It is much safer to go with vendors that use Paypal because as a consumer, you get protection and can dispute your payment if things don’t go as planned. Responding to messages and offering support are also indications that you have reached legit partners in increasing site traffic.


Risk #2: You Only Get Bad Hits from Your Traffic

What does a bad hit mean in terms of web visitors?

This is the kind of traffic that has minimal, if not, zero value to your business. To make it worse, it can even put your website in potential danger of being banned by search engines or internet users.

Here are the different types of traffic that can be a bad hit to your website:

Poorly Targeted Traffic – this is the kind which is consisting of real people but have no interest at all in your business. Poorly-targeted visitors are usually delivered from sites like StumbleUpon and untargeted ads from Facebook. It is true that some of these hits can be converted but the chances are very slim considering the amount you have paid for.

Clickfarm Traffic – these are visitors delivered from third-world countries who are either not interested in your business or cannot afford it.

Bot Traffic ­– this is the worst of all bad hits you can get. It can get you in trouble with Google for its black hat SEO tactic nature. Buying bot traffic is akin to paying a vendor to hit the F5 key to refresh your site repeatedly.

What you want to look for is a Highly Targeted Traffic seller. The service may be more costly but every penny is worth your business.


Risk #3: The Cost for Every Lead Shoots Up

Despite what providers may tell you, volume is not everything in website traffic. Google and other ad-posting engines now know the tactics people use to make money without earning it. Plus, getting droves of people on your site does not necessarily mean closing a successful transaction.

But when business owners learn that they can get a million traffic every month, it is tempting to envision the possibilities of having such high-volume traffic. This is especially inviting to start-ups which struggle with an irregular stream of visitors.

What most of them fail to realize is that conversion is not always proportional to volume. If on one hand, a thousand visitors produces 900 conversions and on the other hand, a million traffic only drive in a hundred sales, the former is still the one with the higher conversion rate.

can targeted traffic convert better

Other risks of paying for website visitors is being banned by Google, putting one’s social platforms at risk, or being tagged as a spammer. It takes a long while for the website to be back to its feet and oftentimes, the business will start at square one as far as SEO is concerned.

Web masters and seasoned online business owners know that paid traffic does work. The issue is not if it is worth risking your business into. The secret is knowing the risks involved so you have a sharper eye in choosing the most credible and quality website traffic provider.

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