SEO On Page Optimization Tips: Know What’s Relevant

SEO On Page Optimization Tips: Know What’s Relevant and Weed Out What’s Not

SEO strategies are constantly changing. It seems that for every new year, there is a new trend or practice that is being introduced in the world of internet marketing. When you hire professionals for website SEO analysis, it can get overwhelming to heed all their advice and more. But are the conventional practices still relevant today? Is on page optimization sporting a new face in the current year?

Based on accumulated accounts from authorities of big companies running prominent websites, here are the relevant SEO page optimization strategies relevant this 2015:

  1. Optimize One Page Concentrating on One Topic Highlighting One Keyword

For many web owners, it is tempting to pack a web page with as much keywords as possible. For small businesses it seemed like a wise practice to load one page with as much topic as it can cover.

According to the working SEO strategies for 2015, this is a no-no. It may be a trend before to stuff one page with key phrases but this proves nothing but show suspicious SEO tactic today. Majority of readers will only be on a web page for a limited span of seconds. Bombarding them with various topics will not make a very good impression, if at all.

The key to do it is simple, clean, and concise. Keywords should highlight the page title, heading, disperse naturally throughout the whole page, and can even be used in image texts. The key words should be used to aim to give visitors a good read and not to attract search engine bots.

  1. Invest on Natural Links

Authority and high PR backlinks are enviable. It gives a website a definite boost, affording it its own authority in relation to its niche.

However, as the trade of buying high PR 8 back links and .edu and .gov backlinks become more rampant, sources for substandard links prowl the market. This practice takes skill, years of experience, and expert SEO help.

For web owners who are still on the fence of backlink building through purchase, it is wiser to invest on natural links instead. Google puts significant regard on websites which grow natural inbound links instead of hundreds of shady ones. Web owners should therefore employ a backlinks checker or else manually monitor the inbound links to their site. Remember that only backlinks from high authority and quality websites count.

  1. Aim for a Website URL Structure that is Short, Expressive, and Targeted

Ever seen a website URL that is too long and stuffed with symbols that don’t make sense? There are thousands of URLs such as this and on paper appear to resemble a spam or suspicious website.

One of the most prominent answers from SEO experts and big business owners about working page optimization is to start with a brief, descriptive, and targeted URL. Yes, it is quite difficult to come up with a site URL when thousands are already unavailable. Yes, it is a challenge to input one’s brand name, services, and SEO tactics on a single URL. However, ingenuity and skill to formulate a targeted URL will pay off.

  1. Fast Loading Speed Equals Low Bounce Rates

This is a no-brainer if web owners value the perspective of site visitors. SEO strategies for the year focus on user experience and nothing besmirches a visitor’s encounter with a site than slow loading time. Since 2011, Google has already been adamant that site speed is an essential key to high search rankings.

More and more websites find solutions to speed up their loading time that users have grown accustomed to it. The ones which do not join in this bandwagon are left in the dust.

Here’s a quick guide to help owners enhance site speed:

  • Closely monitor the site speed using tools like Google Page Speed or HubSpot. Page Speed helps users analyze their online presence as pertaining to speed. It also provides optimization techniques so online business owners gain more organic visitors, extensive retention, and higher conversions.
  • Make sure the company’s web service is fitting to the business needs. Web servers which are not apt to respond to the website’s needs result to slow site speed.
  • Check that the following DO NOT interfere with loading time:
  • Embedded media
  • Videos
  • Clunky codes
  • Too much plug-ins
  • Uncompressed images


  1. Get Rid of HTTP and Start Using HTTPS: Why a Single Letter Makes a Difference

There’s no arguing that Google is an authority for SERPs, SEO, or the whole internet marketing business. When the search engine authority encouraged web owners to start using https, the ones which do not slowly sink to the lowest ranks of Google. This resulted to lesser visitors and lower revenues.

People have grown weary of security breaches and online crimes. One quick look at an https does visitors a huge relief that they are dealing with a safe and legitimate business. What more, Google has begun testing https as a page ranking factor.

  1. Mobile Search Significance

The year 2014 marked breakthroughs for mobile searches: from mobile visitors consisting 40% of organic searches to more businesses making their sites mobile-adaptable. The past year also saw mobile traffic superseding PC traffic for the first time.

Whether by hosting a separate server for mobile traffic or incorporating a responsive design to fit all kinds of screen sizes, business owners should ensure their websites can accommodate mobile searches.

Although Google and other SEO specialists tend to pose challenge upon challenge every year, the ultimate goal of these updates is to provide the best user experience possible. Web owners who wish to excel in page optimization and their business as a whole would do well to harbor the same goal.

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