SEO Tools Must-haves: Track and Analyze Your Site Traffic

Track and Analyze Your Site Traffic, Page Popularity, and Other Web Statistics

An effective SEO strategy is as constantly changing and varied as the SEO trade itself. It is not marred with rigid practices just because history shows its relevance. On the flip side, it should not also teem with styles and new practices just because SEO hubs and site optimization specialists baptized it as the key ingredient to online success.

But how does one truly measure the success of the company’s SEO efforts? With social media optimization added to the equation, how can a business determine the impact it is making? Is seeing the numbers increase after buying Twitter followers enough? Will building link popularity equal to brand popularity as well? And will the increasing mobile traffic be accounted in the traditional stats analyzers?

Here are the must-have tools to track important statistics to ensure the company’s site optimization efforts are worth its while:

  1. Google Analytics

There is no denying that Google is the top authority in SERPs. It only makes sense then to find out how Google ranks one’s website specifications.

Google Analytics provides extensive analysis of a website’s statistics that the owner can spend hours poring over the reports. Google Analytics can be used by anyone for free. This is especially helpful for small businesses and bloggers. However, as big companies demand more complicated website needs, it also requires big analytics reports. For this, Google provides a more advanced, paid version of its Analytics tool.

  1. Alexa

Alexa prides itself for providing actionable analytics report. Although there is a host of resources which provide site optimization reports, many business owners do not know what to do with the data they collect. Of the millions of companies running their business online, 34% of these entrepreneurs do not have the knowledge, background, or skill in utilizing information derived from their site traffic.

For this, Alexa provides intensive action plans on how to implement SEO strategies customized to a specific brand, determine if the company’s current strategies are working, and give them insight on how the competitors are thriving.

  1. Website Grader

Website Grader understands that there are many aspects attributing to a website’s success online. That is why this free SEO tool measures wide-ranging statistics: from social popularity to SEO and from website traffic to other technicalities.

Aside from a wide-ranging optimization report, Website Grader also provides owners with advice on how to improve the site as far as marketing is concerned.

  1. BuySellAds

Can an advertising platform provide you with real, usable statistics? It turns out that for BuySellAds, it is not only possible – it is also favorable.

By clicking on Advertise Here, web owners can see various statistics derived from their site such as the current month’s unique organic visitors, compete rank, delicious bookmarks, Google pagerank, and Alexa pagerank.

  1. Shinystat

Some business owners like to work on information derived from their website statistics from the previous month. There are also others who like to closely monitor how their website is doing real-time. For the latter group, Shinystat is the analytics tool to have.

This website-analyzing instrument provides owners access on actual statistics and other useful options such as the ability to create automatic platforms. Such platforms can provide link on how to analyze detailed conversions. Shinystat also enables business owners to view the progress of their marketing campaigns, whether it involves video, mobile, CPC, or display.

Many business owners are too bent on implementing on page SEO tactics, improve their blog ranking, or gain website popularity that they fail to employ rank checker tools and other statistics devices. The best way to prove which techniques work and which practices don’t is to see its fruition through these must-have tools.

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