Site Optimization Secret You Need to Consider Now: Discover How a URL Structure Can be a Game-Changer

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From using a keyword tool by Google to media news release, from buying Twitter followers to hiring professional writer service – it’s as if webmasters and business owners have left no stone unturned when it comes to making a name online.

Many marketers and SEO experts offer website SEO analysis for a good price. Some companies pay thousands of dollars for this without considering the basics which they can do without spending. Such consideration is the URL structure of a domain.

Although this sounds like an elementary suggestion, getting a targeted and effective URL proves to be harder and harder as more websites are launched. Competition may be tough but getting an efficiently structured URL is tougher.

How will the structure of one’s URL help with the web traffic and overall site ranking?

ideal url structure

The above is an example of an ideal URL structure. Through the use of popular keywords search terms, a website owner can make a data-driven decision regarding the type of URL to use.

Here are a few of other considerations to make:


Google gives domain owners a peek of the effective length of URLs through their own domains. A quick key points on Google’s URLs:

  • The shortest URL is for GMAIL’s new look with 59 characters
  • The lengthiest URL is for Webmaster Tools at 95 characters
  • The average length has 90 characters for Google Webmaster Central
  • As for Google Blog, the average length consists of 76 characters
  • InsideSearch URL has an average length of 81 characters

On a study conducted using keyword tool for URLs, here are a few takeaway’s that will benefit website owners:

  • Top 10 Results for URLs consists of 37 characters on average.
  • Top 20 Results for URLs consists of 35 characters on average.
  • Top 30 Results for URLs consists of 39 characters on average.
  • Top 40 Results for URLs consists of 41 characters on average.
  • Top 50 Results for URLs consists of 36 characters on average.
  • Top 60 Results for URLs consists of 32 characters on average.
  • Top 70 Results for URLs consists of 48 characters on average.
  • Top 80 Results for URLs consists of 45 characters on average.
  • Top 90 Results for URLs consists of 42 characters on average.
  • Top 100 Results for URLs consists of 38 characters on average.

This keyword search results pertaining to URLs show that the ones which has 35 to 40 characters take over the search listings.

Before, it was a common notion that the longer the URL, the lesser is its chances to rank on Google or other search engines.

However the data shows that 21% of the URLs with good ranking pages have lengthy URLs – some of which contains up to 60 characters or more.

Irrelevant Characters within the URL

It is quite common for URLs to contain strange characters such as @, %, $, and &. Such URLs are difficult to be remembered by users. Search engine bots will also have a hard time to crawl these websites.

Google even advises webmasters to use dashes (-) instead of underscores (_) when creating a URL. The search engine authority goes on to explain that this affects how Google reads the key words contained in the URL.

Using 1,000 keywords from websites of various niches, the top 100 results with extraneous characters did not even reach 1%. This only goes to show that irrelevant characters should not even be considered to be used in a URL.

Keywords Contained in a URL

Most business owners do keyword research for their site niches. After all, Google Ad Words Keyword Tool has been a significant instrument in helping site owners drive traffic to their business online.

However, Searchmetrics released a thought-provoking data last 2014. The organization analyzed 300,000 website URLs and gathered the following information:

The data shows that URLs rich with keywords are becoming a declining trend. This is because Google now considers other factors in terms of searchability aside from keyword-rich URLs.

This tells web owners that it does not do to agonize over coming up with a keyword-rich URL, especially if it only appears forced and unnatural.

As more and more websites of the same niche go online, it is becoming harder for owners to find an available URL that would fit their trade. By taking note of these takeaways, website owners and SEO experts will be free of conventional notions about URL and focus on the basics that do work.

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