Terms and Conditions

When you order your web visits through Eco LLC Pte Ltd, their partners or agents, or at aetraffic.net you’ll have agreed to understanding and reading through the terms and conditions below. These terms are legally binding. The terms are applicable to every URL you give us to use to direct traffic to. You need to either own the sites or you need to have full authority of them.

Vocabulary Terms

  • The terms “us” and “we” are used possessively and refer to Eco LLC Pte Ltd, our suppliers, or to aetraffic.net.
  • The term “supplier” is referring to all the services we offer.
  • The terms “client” or “clients” and “you” refers to customers that have paid for our traffic services and already have agreed to the terms.
  • The term “website” is referring to any ad banner, hyperlink or website.
  • The terms “visitors” and “visits” is when a text file loads to your web server.
  • The term “traffic” refers to the number of hits or visitors that a client’s order has.
  • The term “campaign” is the type of web traffic package you order as well as how long it takes to deliver.
  • The term “targeted campaigns” includes campaigns related to country, category or language.
  • The terms “customer” or “client” refers to a person who agrees to use our web visits services.
  • The terms “pro-rata refund” refers to the equation (1-D/V) x$P. The D is the number of visits delivered; the V is the number of visits you ordered; the $P is related to the purchase price of the web campaign.

Targeted Traffic Service

You have read, understand and agree that our targeted traffic comes from expired URLs. The visitors that come to your site through these domains can fluctuate daily.

We use a tracking system to track the number of hits you receive in your campaign. Every campaign has its own ID that you can use to track hits on your site. You do understand if a hit exits your site without the page fully loading that is considered a hit on your stats. We sent you the visitor to your website so it counts as a hit on our counter and fulfilled our obligation. You need to understand that this type of hit might not count against your hit counter if the person closed the window before the page fully loaded.

We aren’t responsible for the actions or inactiveness of your hits we sent to your site. When you buy traffic services from us we have the official traffic counter record and under no circumstances will our company be held accountable if your tracking tools shows less hits counted. For reasons why this happens, view our FAQ section.

Web Traffic Agreement

You have read, understood and agree that your URL must not contain:

  • Adult content;
  • Frame break outs;
  • Site redirection, rotation, forwarding unless you use our targeted traffic service;
  • Viruses or force downloads;
  • Takes longer than five seconds to load your site;
  • Disrupts traffic delivery;
  • You don’t own or have full rights to the site; and
  • Is a Facebook, YouTube, Squidoo, or Ezinearticles site or page that you don’t own or have the rights to use paid visit services.

When you place your traffic order through us you have understood and agreed that the campaign will start in 24 to 72 hours.  We aren’t to be held liable except to provide a refund if the time limit exceeds the 72 hours unless you were responsible for delaying the campaign. If you placed your order on a weekend day, allow additional time for processing.  Your web campaign is active the second you receive your first hit. All the visits your site receives are real people that are redirected to your website. Multiple visits could come from one IP address due to returning visitors or reloading the web page.

Non-Liability and Indemnity

Under any circumstances shall we ever be held liable for any consequential, punitive, indirect, incidental or direct damages. This includes but isn’t limited to lost profits, advertising accounts including Google Adsense, CPA accounts, money or credit balance from a CPA or ad network account, reduced ratings in the search engine, including Alexa or otherwise that arises out of the inability to use our web campaign services even if we were advised of your damages.

Non-Association Clause

You will hold aetraffic.net, its suppliers, agents, and partners, as well as Eco LLC harmless and indemnify them against any claims that arise from you using their services. This includes any expenses that arise from damages, claims, losses, judgments, litigation fees, and suits of any kind and nature. We are to be held harmless by any local authorities if your website contains or promotes illegal activities in their specified country. We aren’t in any way associated to your websites, to you or the way you conduct your business and we aren’t held liable for any and all actions you take upon yourself.

Regardless of any ads, testimonials, or statements used on this site, you have agreed and understood that these terms are a final and binding contract between us and you.

This agreement is governed and construed to the laws held in the  USA and any legal actions brought upon you, your users, or any other party involved will be brought to a court in Indiana, USA court.


This is a general disclaimer that refers to all the services that Eco LLC, its suppliers, agents, and partners, and aetraffic.net supplies. Here are additional disclaimers:

Targeted Traffic

You have understood and agreed that the website aetraffic.net is not to be held responsible for anything that is beyond our realm of control and that could interfere with our ability to deliver targeted visits to your URL. An example would be country targeted web traffic that might not be completely targeted to a specific country due to the shifting of IP addresses.



You have understood and agreed that the testimonials we provide are statements from our customers, including their incomes and identities that could be used as forum usernames, photos, and images of clients. We declare that the statements we receive are from our clients who used or are currently using our traffic services. However, we cannot completely guarantee the testimonials are authentic because we can’t verify their statements and every website are configured differently. Several of our clients have received free services and credits from providing testimonials to us.

Even though our services have proven successful with many of our customers, your profits aren’t guaranteed. A lot of factors are dependent on how many sales you do and don’t make including the way your site is set up, your website content, any ads or promotions you offer, and your traffic matrix. We have an excellent customer service department and we’ll help you find the best package to fit your needs. You understand many of our clients have had to tweak and change their websites until they found a way to become profitable while using our services. This is not a get rich quick trick or scheme.

The feedback we receive from our customers that our services do produce results. You have understood and agreed that what we advertise does work for any site or we’ll provide a pro-rated refund on any unused credits back to you. That’s the only guarantee we offer. You are responsible for monitoring your website to make our traffic services work for you. If you aren’t satisfied you can write to us requesting a refund and we’ll stop your campaign. We have the right to cancel any services we provide to you and issue you a refund, pro-rated even without you asking for it.


You have understood and agreed that all our sales are considered final and the services are sent as is. The number of days can change since it is based on your order’s stipulations. We’ll provide refunds in accordance to the validity of your claim and we have the right to investigate and approve and deny it. If we deny your claim you’ll receive an explanation regarding why. If we approve it, you’ll receive a refund based on the unused credit from your campaign, that is the limit to our refund.

You are to make all refund requests through e-mail. Our staff is available nearly 24 hours a day but our tech support might not be immediately available at the time of your request.

General Terms When Using This Website

Unless you receive written approval by us:

You are not allowed to sell, transfer or assign our services we deliver to you. The rights for aetraffic.net, including the name, ads, promotions, and logo aren’t to be used or advertised including the services and content we offer. You are to not use our content or services with a different URL unless you received written approval by us.

We have the right to use your name and use it in our marketing and advertisement materials. Any press releases that announce a partnership between us and you is subject to approval by both parties.

All graphics, content, and services on this website are not permitted to be disseminated or copied in any shape, way or form in whole or in part.

Any affiliate network URL that is linked to this website that includes sub domain URLs cannot be used by you no matter what the purpose.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

You have read, understood, and agreed that every order placed for the current terms and conditions are subject to change without notice from us. We have all rights and the authority to change the terms anytime. Also, when you continue to use our services after the change, you are signifying that you agree to the new terms and conditions. Here’s a link for the following Terms and Conditions for our website.