The Art of Publishing Articles in the Digital World: Top 5 Places for Content Submission in 2015

Companies pay website content writers hundreds of dollars for their blog writing services. These writers make sure their work has the right key word density to make a dent online. Business owners meticulously examine their website content for meta tags and relevant topics. Meanwhile, they also comb the internet article directory for legit and effective article spinner.


Should publishing articles really be this complicated?


Thanks to the vast influence of social media, SEO article writing services are no longer contained in a box of olden techniques.


Now, even a social media site can be a backlink booster.


The secret of publishing articles the right way in 2015 lies not only in optimum keyword density or effective writing style. The sites where one submits articles online is also an equally important part of the equation.


best places to submit blogs and articles


Here are the top five hottest places to share blog posts and web content this 2015:



Google+ Communities


Instead of hiring professional blog article submission services, why not let the bloggers find your content and do the sharing themselves?


Hundreds of active bloggers with thousands of followers are in Google+ communities. When these bloggers find content that resonate with the things they write about or find products that they like, they talk about it in their own pages.


Google+ communities are also consisting of targeted groups. Find the right group interested in what your business has to offer and you will target an interested audience. Be sure to not sound too self-promotional though. Google+ users are wary of pages that spam their space. Rather, make sure the content offers value to the followers.





Redditors, or the users of Reddit, are probably the most intense group in the internet today. That said, their influence is vast and potent.


Determine what your niche is and find a Reddit sub-forum closest to it. When Redditors like a content, the post will spread like wildfire. However, a spammy content will also gain intense backlash from such an influential audience. That is why contents shared on this site should not be misleading and must be a good read.





A picture paints a thousand words that is why SlideShare is steadily becoming a big hit. A good number of internet users scan a content and easily get uninterested if it contains nothing but long paragraphs.


In the digital world, visual appeal is everything when you are trying to capture an audience’s very short attention span.


SlideShare enables bloggers to turn their posts into a slideshow. Users can do this through presentations using PowerPoint and other similar software. The competition is not as tough in SlideShare so tastefully created slideshows stand out easily.





Instagram is yet another evidence of the captivating power of images.


Even though the site is fairly new compared to other social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, its quantum leap to popularity does not show any sign of declining.


Although posting blog content may be limited to the square-world that is Instagram, business owners have found multiple ways to link their website to their Instagram page.


Hosting contests and giving freebies in exchange for re-grams, tags, and other mechanics have helped small and big businesses alike to gain a strong following in the photo-sharing app.


Companies whose target market are teenagers and young adults should also invest in Instagram marketing, as majority of users belong to these groups.


How can you woo an impatient visitor into becoming an interested subscriber?


Simplify your presentation but do it in an attractive way.


This is what helps business owners to do. The site helps companies create infographics to advertise their services and make visual content to boost their website.


The site also gives companies a place to share these files. By turning the company’s services, blog content, or announcements into infographics, the audience is easily held captive and content retention is higher.


Aside from writing web articles with keyword prominence, the best post submission services also play a key role in audience reach. These five sites have been named to be the hottest submission sites for the year 2015.



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