Think PPC is Dead? Think Again

Five Practical Ways Where PPC Marketing is Still BIG This Year

Pay per Click Marketing or PPC has been around the online business world for a long time. It used to be the hottest commodity in internet marketing but as more innovations and marketing strategies emerge in the past years, its popularity has been clouded.

Competition in SERPs is tougher than ever, especially since thousands of businesses continue to bring their trade online. Alongside this, studies show that PPC continues to strive amid the constantly innovating internet marketing and online businesses, algorithm updates, new TLDs, and SEO trends.

PPC is a Constant Marketing Strategy for Big Brands

Big companies still allot a good portion of their advertising budget on PPC even with a hoard of new marketing strategies at their disposal.

Why you should take your cue from multimillion businesses and invest on PPC as well

Business owners engage their best efforts on increasing their organic traffic. If you have invested on increasing your natural web traffic, why not get paid for it as well?

Studies show that pay-per-click marketing has positive implications on organic CTRs or click through rates to a significant extent.

Here are the top luxury brands that still use PPC according to Search Engine Land:

RankBrand NameAmount Spent in US Dollars
1Louis Vuitton$1,316,000
3Us Burberry$323,000
6Versace USA$190,000
8Armani Exchange$98,000
9Stella McCartney$82,000

According to the IAB or Interactive Advertising Bureau, search ads take up $9.1 billion or 39% of the past year’s total internet advertising income.

Accounting the revenues coming from mobile searches and ads, the revenue amounted to $11.8 billion.

If you are still on the fence about the relevance of PPC marketing in your advertising efforts, consider these reasons:

  1. PPC has the ability to show results promptly as compared to organic searches.


It’s a given that organic search web traffic is indispensable when one aims for long-term website marketing. However, such method entails a painstakingly long wait to prove ROI.


With PPC, however, results are generated faster. A website owner can embark on a PPC campaign today and can literally see its results the very next day. Such results include conversions and traffic, depending on various differing factors.


  1. PPC only lets you pay when interested visitors click.


PPC has the reputation for straightforwardness. Unlike other marketing techniques with shady mechanisms, PPC provides transparency to business owners that show them where their money goes.


Business owners are only required to pay for each time an interested person clicks on the ad, thus the name Pay per Click. This provides a relief from traditional advertising methods which companies pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and only hope their target market will engage. Such conventional methods also do not provide clear ways in which to assess the influence that a campaign has made.


  1. PPC has the ability to reach the right target market with the right ad at the right time.

An ideal advertising campaign should target the correct market in a particular location at the right time of day with a particular ad.

PPC has the ability for targeting location and specific delivery options including device-specific preferences.

  1. PPC allows business owners to set their budget conveniently.


PPC allows business owners to control their advertising costs. PPC users can put a limit on their daily expenditure which they can conveniently tweak any moment.


  1. PPC data can be utilized to collaborate with other marketing solutions.


PPC-derived data can help the SEO team of a company determine if a keyword or key phrases are generating conversions.


Business owners can also introduce new products and promotions and test its market engagement through PPC. Promoting rare events or services which are not appropriate with other advertising methods can also be resolved by PPC.

For novices venturing out with this marketing technique for the first time, it is best to remember that:

  • PPC may not be as easy as it looks. As with other advertising strategies, PPC also takes skill and good planning. This includes a clear understanding of the available marketing platforms, understanding of the rules and usage guidelines, marketing knack, and a good amount of creativity.
  • PPC is constant – or should run as long as the lifespan of the business. PPC is applicable no matter what stage the business is in. If the business is still starting out and on the phase of article marketing, PPC is relevant. If the business is booming and no longer has the need to buy targeted traffic for website, pay per click is still fitting. If the company needs to rebrand, PPC is a good website promotion move.
  • PPC requires teamwork. As much as it is tempting to let PPC marketing specialists take over this facet of the business, PPC optimization requires collaboration between the business owner, PPC experts, and SEO specialists. By pooling in the ideas and skills derived from the different fields of the parties involved, a strategic PPC system can be carved out.

Whether you are a professional who has learned the ropes of the trade over the years or a novice still testing the waters of internet advertising, PPC proves to be a relevant website marketing technique in 2015.

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