What to Do Before and After Buying Targeted Website Traffic

Ask any internet marketer about their goals and one of the most common answers would be to bring inbound traffic to a site. This is just as well because the more people knows about a site, the wider brand awareness expands to the market. But is it enough to just reel in any visitor to a website? Even though attracting people to one’s web age is good, a targeted website traffic is what one should aim for.

If you scour the internet on how to get targeted web traffic, you will be greeted with many companies claiming they can bring this to your doorstep. There is no arguing that electing to buy visitors to boost one’s SEO works. What many fail to realize is that there is so much more to just paying for people to come visit one’s business page.


What to do Before Targeting Your Inbound Traffic

Making sure that your source of inbound traffic can deliver credible results is one thing. But remember that not everything lies in the capacity of the traffic supplier. This is a two-way street and your job as a marketer or owner should go beyond handing in money for people to take care of your SEO.

Why Destination is Just as Important as Traffic

Go beyond your goal of increasing the number of people that discover or frequent your site. What would people do once they are finally on it? If you assess your site now on a third-party’s point of view, would you click on the exit button or click through the web pages?

Even Google’s algorithm update emphasizing user experience attests to this. The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring the most relevant information to searchers in the most convenient way possible. There is no use to bring 1,000,000 visitors to a site if the landing page is not well-equipped enough to handle it.

Before setting out to buy visitors to your business page, make sure that it can accommodate traffic from different devices, the content is updated, the headlines and banners well-placed, and the overall interface tastefully designed. A call to action and social shares should also be encouraged to give visitors a push to disseminate information, subscribe, or purchase.


What to Do After Getting Your Inbound Traffic

How can you assess that the visitors you received are indeed targeted?

You can determine if the strategies you executed to attract people and optimize your page work by evaluating certain metrics.


Here are the metrics to ensure you get quality inbound site traffic:

Average Time per Visit

how to handle inbound site traffic

Average time per visit is the obvious giveaway that differentiates engaged, real visitors from bots. While the traffic may be consisting of real people, they can also click away without scanning through the rest of your web pages.

If you want to measure how interested people are with your current page content, take a look at the average time of their visit. You can break this metric down by sectioning it to different facets. These could be the time spent on overall site, the item or item that received the longest view, and the section or time which has the highest bounced rate.


Social Shares Data

get social referrals to drive in visits

Are your costly Facebook ads worth it? Are the social plug-ins on your blog doing their job? The information provided by social shares is a real-time, direct peek on how your brand is measuring up to the market’s taste.

Social shares are also a gift to content marketers. It gives them information on which topics are trending, what kind of issues readers want to know and share, and what type of content tone or style resonates well with viewers.


CTA’s and Click-Through’ s

discussion on click-through-rates and how it affects conversion

The topmost goals of marketers involve getting as much leads as possible. Do not get swept up with the whole trend on building site traffic. Remember that the ultimate objective of this project is to expand your site’s subscription list or a business’s customer reach.

Keeping an eye on CTA’s will make sure you reach this goal. It lets you know which calls to action receive the highest engagement, the visitors’ location, the content of their messages, and the overall logistics of the people who interact with your site.

Ultimately, the supplier for your traffic does not determine if they are indeed delivering targeted visitors to your site. You have a hand in determining whether you are getting higher quality, not just quantity, inbound traffic. Make sure you use this influence by knowing what to do before and after you get targeted website traffic.

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